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2015 July Canadian Gourder 5

2015 July Canadian Gourder

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July 2015 Issue of the Canadian Gourder:

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  1. I live in northern Ontario. I wanted to know if I could leave my gourds in a shed I have that has a lot of air going through it so that they can dry. It is not heated and the temp. can go down to -30 celcius in the winter. Will this temperature hurt them or am I better to store them in my basement.

  2. I live in northern Ontario. Can I store my gourds this winter in a shed we have to dry. There is a lot of air going through it as there is just a flap for a door but it is not heated and I’m afraid our winter temperature that can go as low as in the -30 celsius will freeze them and kill them or is freezing them ok.I have read where some places leave them in the field over winter and pick them in the spring. My only other option would be to bring them in my basement in the crawl space.

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